Fibromyalgine™ Classique

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Fibromyalgine™ Classique helps improve general quality of life naturally and continuously with intakes on mornings and evenings.

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59,00 € tax incl.

  • 2-month treatment
  • 4-month treatment (9€ discount)
  • 6-month treatment (30€ discount)

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Thousands of people have taken Fibromyalgine™ since its launch in december 2005. Fibromyalgine™ has been designed to improve sleep quality and quality of life. One of the main advantages of the product is that it is very well tolerated.

2 formulas have been developed:

For the morning: A tonic formula to start the day with a maximum of energy.


  • Vitamin C, Acerola, Ginger, Lyophilized royal jelly: to reduce tiredness and restore vitality and energy
  • Queen of the meadow: for its soothing properties

For the evening: A natural sleep aid formula.


  • Chamomile, Passion flower: to encourage sleep and reduce stress and anxiety
  • Queen of the meadow: for its soothing properties
  • Couch grass: a mood stabilizer
  • L-Tyrosine: a mood elevator

Fibromyalgine™ is a 2 bottle kit (morning + evening formula), each bottle containing 60 capsules. 1 kit = 2 months treatment.

Product benefits

  • 7 patients out of 10 are satisfied
  • Improvements in quality of life has been demonstrated in a pilot study realised by the company (see Clinical trial results)
  • Very well tolerated
  • Made in France

Directions for use

  • Take 2 capsules per day with a glass of water: 1 upon rising (morning formula) and 1 before bed time (evening formula).
  • As a precaution, capsules of the morning formula (containing royal jelly) should not be taken in case of allergy to bee stings.

Results of the pilot study show that people start feeling significant improvements after 6 months taking Fibromyalgine™.

Clinical trial/Survey results

D.Baron: Randomized, prospective open lebel, parallel group study evaluating improvement in quality of life in fibromyalgia sufferers treated with Fibromyalgine™.