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  • 1 HAppyMini™ box
  • 2 HAppyMini™ boxes (12€ discount)

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HAppyMini™ is a second generation visco-elastic solution indicated in a single intra-articular injection in the treatment of pain associated with small joint arthrosis.Its highly concentrated and cross-linked formulation as well as the presence of mannitol (powerful antioxidant) make it work very quickly on pain, stay within the joint much longer than a first generation visco-elastic solution and thus only one injection is mostly needed.

HAppyMini™ - Visco-elastic solution for small joint arthrosis

HAppyMini™ is a medical device with CE mark.

The single intra-articular injection makes it possible to reduce pain and regain mobility.

1 box of HAppyMini® is supplied in a 1ml pre-filled syringe.

Product benefits

  • High concentration of hyaluronic acid and mannitol in a 1ml pre-filled syringe, perfectly suited to small joints
  • The administration of a unique injection due to a unique and patented cross-linked process
  • A quick and lasting efficiency
  • An excellent tolerance
  • Produced by bio-fermentation with no animal substances

Directions for use

  • Only health professionals trained in the techniques of intra-articular injection are authorized to inject HAppyMini™
  • Avoid excessive use of the joint within 48h following the intra-articular injection
  • In case of persistent pain (>3 days), consult your doctor
  • Please read carefully the notice before use
  • The treatment is usually administered once or twice a year, with one injection each time
  • HAppyMini™ has not been evaluated in pregnant or beastfeeding women or children



Je suis satisfaite

Satisfaite de ce produit, pour mon arthrose des doigts. Les douleurs sont beaucoup moins présentes depuis.


Onéreux mais efficace

Un peu onéreux, ce traitement est en revanche très efficace, notamment sur mon arthrose du poignet. Mes douleurs font désormais parti de mon passé!



Bon traitement contre l'arthrose, pour ma part, arthrose au niveau des doigts, assez douloureuse. Depuis le traitement, la douleur a bien diminué.


Traitement efficace

La viscosupplémentation m'a vite été conseillée après avoir vu un rhumatologue suite à un début d'arthrose du pouce. Quelques mois après, j'en suis très satisfait !

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Due to its success, this product is temporarly unavailable. Thank you for your understanding.